Yoga at Work Pricing

Yoga Balance, inc. has two pricing options. One for individual payers and one for employers paying on behalf of their employees.


A great option for companies who want to gauge interest in yoga at their workplace or aren’t ready to pay for yoga for their employees.

Individual classes range from $10-15 per person.

Class packs are available for 5, 10, or 20 classes and include discounts for buying multiple classes. These are the best deal!

We would love to meet with you to discuss how we can make this a great, affordable perk for your employees!



A perfect choice for a company who is ready to pay for yoga and offer their employees this unique perk.

Classes range from $120-$200 and are charged based on attendance and invoiced monthly.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with you to develop the perfect program for your employees.


Corporate Retreat & Event Pricing


Corporate Event & Retreat Yoga

We are excited about our NEWEST yoga package - Corporate Retreat & Event Yoga! This package includes the same custom- tailored, stress relieving classes we are known for but with the added bonus of bringing it to your corporate event, retreat or meeting. These classes act as corporate culture builders, creativity boosters and relationship enhancers. Studies have shown that allowing quiet time for discussion participants to internalize, reflect and digest information during or after a meeting can greatly improve problem-solving skills. We’d love to be part of your big break through at your next meeting!

Classes range from 45 minutes to 75 minutes and are built specifically to fit your event.

Class pricing starts at $250 per hour with the possibility of the addition of an assistant to enhance the experience for an additional fee. Travel time will also be taken into consideration in quoting for an event.

Yoga Balance would love to help your next retreat, meeting or event be the best and most productive yet!

Private Yoga Pricing

Private In Home Yoga

Private Yoga

Yoga Balance, inc. offers private, in-home yoga classes. These custom-tailored classes include hands-on adjustments and one-on-one learning. Classes are 60 minutes long and can be paid for individually or as a package. Discounts are available for multi-class pack purchases.

Have a group of friends, family, teammates or neighbors who would like to create a small group class? We do that too! Group classes are available for an additional charge. Please contact us for pricing.

Private classes are a great option for yogis of all skill levels - from beginner to expert. Classes are tailored specifically to each client and the client's goals are kept in mind.

Whether you are looking to nail your handstand or just to be more comfortable and functional in your everyday life, private classes can help you get there.