Kelsey Konsen

CYO - Chief Yoga Operator

Kelsey is a creative, sarcastic, fiery lover of yoga. She completed her 200hr RYT at Joy Yoga Center in Houston, TX. She has passion for the philosophical traditions behind yoga as well as the physical practice of yoga. She sees the philosophy as a grounding force in her teaching and her own practice and is able to weave the two together into a well-integrated practice. In addition to yogic philosophy, she sees approachability and accessibility as paramount to her class offerings. By focusing on these principles, she is able to craft classes that are truly all-level classes. 

As founder and Chief Yoga Operator of Yoga Balance, inc. Kelsey is driven to bring yoga to the masses. Her intensity, compassion and community building skills draw students to her and allow them to trust what she is offering. She is excited to bring her skills and passion to your employees.

Fall 2019 marks a new adventure for Kelsey as she embarks on her Prenatal Certification journey in Austin - we can’t wait to add Prenatal to our offerings as Kelsey completes this training so stay tuned.

Katie Trevino

Yoga Instructor

Katie is a compassionate, driven, creative practitioner and teacher of yoga. She completed her 200hr RYT at Joy Yoga Center in Houston, TX. She has a passion for all things branding and marketing and owns her own design company, Suraleigh Co. The enthusiasm, organization and dedication required of owning her own business radiate in her approachable, all-levels yoga style. As a one-time member of corporate America, she builds her classes to tackle common complaints associated with stress. Katie’s easy style and laid back personality make her the perfect fit to teach stress relief and gentle yoga sequences. 

Katie is excited about bringing yoga to a larger audience. She is deeply grateful for her experiences in teaching yoga and looks forward to adapting them to your business.


Colleen Robison

Colleen Robison

Yoga Instructor

Colleen is a sweet, focused, kind and fun-loving part of the Yoga Balance family. She is a triple threat - finding joy as a personal trainer, fitness and nutrition coach and speaker. Her yoga style is rooted in a clear understanding of the intention behind the postures as well as a deep devotion to helping her clients achieve their goals. She is the first to admit that her love of a great workout was a long time coming and she has fought through unhealthy choices and health scares to get to the powerful, positive place she teaches from today.

Colleen's openness and inviting smile put those new to yoga at ease and allow them to try something different in a supported atmosphere. We are so luck to have her and can't wait for you to experience her quirky army-man-loving, cookbook-pleasure-reading style.